Southwest Harbor Scenes

2vessels  2 Vessels Southwest Harbor
stanley Before Stanley Fish head Sonny Stanley Carlton Gilley Charlie Gilley
Paul Faulkingham Carl Johnson Larry Gros
pollock The Beals were into this Pollock
seining at one time. Very heavy
compared to herring and sardine fishing
parkers Parkers in Manset??
swh Looking to Southwest Harbor
seal Sealat Lower Dock..Likely the Kathe in foreground
Solace Solace-From Ralph William R. Keene built a lot of steam launches.  His shop became Ike Stanley's antique shop. He built one for Hadlock at Islesford. swh  Rand collection at SWH Library dated 1891
Maurice Joseph Marshall At the top of the hill above the trees you see The Pemetic. Built for the overflow from the Island House and Island House Cottage (today's Harbour Cottage Inn) for Deacon Clark. The Pemetic was bought by my grandfather Dr. J.D. Phillips in 1915 and moved down the hill and attached to The Claremont. Torn down in 1976 by the McCue family. It housed the Dining Room Chauffeur's Dining Room, Offices, and guest rooms on the second floor.
Halibut Bought
  Picket Boats
Off Stanley Wharf
Stanley Fish Wharf- The WIlliam Keene-63 gross tons 1866 Reg in Machias
Stanley Fishwharf
Steamboat Wharf before Beals was built?
Buzzy Al Ralph
Claremont in the 40's
Courtesy of Ashley Urquhart--Ralph Phippen.
Beals Seining-Courtesy of Ashley Urquhart
Fishboat at Beals-Courtesy of Ashley Urquhart

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