Fishing Boats
chalmers Nemo-
think chester clemens boat
frank chalmers owner her then chalie bradford
frolic Frolic
jlr Judith Lee Rose
jlr1 JLR
jlr2 JLR
jlr3 JLR
jlr4 JLR
jlr5 JLR
jlr6 JLR
jlr7 JLR
lb This photo shows something of the evolution of lobster
boats in the mid 20th century, when some were open boats, like the one
in the foreground, and some had spray hoods and deckhouses.
The open boat
is a double ender, perhaps dating from the 1910-20 period and may have been hauled
out to die. The spray hood visible on the second boat and several in the harbor
became more common as boats got faster using converted automobile engines
after World War II. By 1960, virtually all lobster boats had switched to a solid deckhouse.
Phippens pine planked boat
de1 Double Eagle Rebuild
de2 Double Eagle Rebuild 1991
de3 Double Eagle Rebuild 1991 de4 Southwest Harbor
de5 Elva
Alfred Osgood-He has to be one of the more successful seiners alive today
He owns the Starlight with Frank Ohara. At one time he owned
100 percent He also goes lobstering in his own lobster boat. this boat a 38 holland goes 57 miles per hour. picture was taking in the early 70`s.

3bells Three Belles
Lorilyn-Gas Engine
mr Mary Rose-Launched before Judith Lee Rose
blacks Blacks Harbor
co Sonny Stanley etc
s Sewanhanka
As sent by Val Perkins
Will Frost's "Redwing" torpedo stern 1920's lobster boat. Generally considered to be the origin of modern lobster boat design. He later widened out this model and incorporated square stern to carry more trap
In Pemaquid

Ev Closson's Boat at Beals
Silver Mink