Tremont Scenes
Contributed to Tremont Historical Society by Nathan Pitts in memory of his mother and father
Yes, this is Gott’s Island looking across the outer pool from Green Head. The house farthest right on the hill belonged to my grandparents Philip and Lavina Moore. Two houses to left of it are Kenway houses. In front of the big white one you can see the cemetery. House on shore farthest to right belonged to Montell (Monty) Gott when I was going there in the 1940s.-Muriel
m28 Inner (right) and outer (left) pools. Montell (Mont) Gott’s house at far left behind barn. Berlin and Russell Gott’s camp on the top opt the beach. Father (B) and son (R) who carried the mail to Gott’s for many years. m29
Mckinley Schoolhouse
Rebecca H. Kelley, Thomas B. Farley and one of their offspring Earle W. F...