Sardine Carriers
Contributed to Tremont Historical Society by Nathan Pitts in memory of his mother and father
c003Maine Sardine Carrier "Delca" (converted WWII mine or patrol vessel) I believe at the factory in Port Clyde, ME, around late 1970's, she appears to be partly loaded and had a very rough trip. My favorite photo of her. Did lots of maintenance work on her at boatyard in Stonington, early 70's. She was lost very suddenly one night not too long after this photo was taken. oquirrh
O'QUirrh..Picture from PMM Site Labelled Built at Friendship, 1919, 64’ . 57.36 hhd. 30 GRT. Owned by Ramsdell

R.K. Barter of Stonington acquired the "Oquirrh" in the mid 1950's which would fit reasonably well. Late one night, fully loaded, she was steaming towards Stonington, fully loaded, and struck a can buoy outside of Rockland. I worked one time with the man who had been in the foc'sle when she hit and just had time to get up the ladder. She filled in just a couple of minutes. They had just enough time to get off of her. I have never seen a picture or heard anyone tell about her, she is a mystery I would like to solve. I was in the seventh grade when she sank so that would have made it 1958 I think. Anyone ever hear of her?
Sardine carrier Novelty,on her launching day, 1944. A product of Southwest Harbor Boat. And the second photo is her sad ending near the Rockland Breakwater. I spent many happy hours on her as a kid, and many hours working on her repairs at Billings diesel in Stonington in the early 70's.
Novelty sunk near Rockland Breakwater
Chester Pike