Maine Quarrying
Contributed to Tremont Historical Society by Nathan Pitts in memory of his mother and father

Moose Island quarry, now the site of Billings Diesel and Marine. Behind and to the left is part of Crotch Island, the home of the largest quarrying efforts in town.....and still ongoing today.

The "Settlement Quarry" at Oceanville, part of Stonington, 1922 JL Goss on Crotch Island, early 20th century. Ryan and Parker, on Crotch Island.
I think this may be at the "Settlement quarry" around 1920.

Cutting shed at Crotch Island, later became Deer Island Granite Corp. Last time I was over there it was still standing. A lot of stone has been taken off the Island and is still being removed today and used to build additions onto, and repair, buildings all over the country that were built from this stone originally. The stone is unique to a particular spot and has to be used to avoid mismatching the texture/color. Old timers that I worked with could look at a piece of granite and tell you which quarry it came from!
JC Rogers Granite quarry, Stonington, early 20th century