On Mt. Desert Island Maine


June 2009 

            The Crockett Point Cemetery is being cared for by Ned Lawson. Sr.  His wife Elaine’s stepmother was a Cora Galley. This is a  private cemetery which has had Richardson and Galley and their allied families buried there. It has been referred to as the Crockett’s Point Cemetery but it should be noted that two early settlers, the Richardson brothers and their wives were buried there.  Then the Galley family is there as John Galley married Hannah Richardson.. It would be referred to as the Richardson-Galley Cemetery I suppose. In the Tremont Records., Map 16, Lot 243 Act. 383 M16 L18,  it shows a plot about 125 feet by 80 feet marked off for the cemetery. This cemetery should not be taxed to anyone. According to the Assessor 1” equals 100 feet and he estimated the plot to be at least 50 by 100 feet, or even 125 by 80 feet.  He said it was about 25-30 feet off from the side road going to Ned and Elaine Lawson’s son’s home – David Lawson.


Sources tell us that Stephen Richardson with Revolutionary War Patriotic Service, his wife and his brother, Thomas Richardson, also with Revolutionary War Patriotic Service and his wife are buried there. I have never seen the stones of any of the four of them but others have.  On May 7, 1982 the Mount Desert Isle Chapter of the DAR  marked the grave of Stephen Richardson. A flag and flag marker were placed under the fruit tree during the marking, and I have seen them. The flag and  marker have now disappeared (2003) . In June 2009 the DAR, Norma Spurling,  of the local chapter tells me they have ordered a bar to hold the newly found marker. I asked her to order one for me – for Thomas’ grave. I will pay for it.  In May, when I visited the cemetery I added two new flags for Stephen and Thomas – they had no flags. I replaced one for a newer stone and added another for that man’s father. I called Heidi at the Tremont Town Office and found she and Frank Gray were planning to do that same thing several days later.


At this time, Ed Branch  (Tremont) of the SAR, is working on a web site for the SAR and compiling a list of graves marked by them. I need to contact him. I think Thomas’ grave may have been marked after 1975 and before 1982 when the DAR marked Stephen’s grave. In June 2009 Father Salisbury of Bar Harbor is currently the SAR State President.


At the Tremont Historical Society Meeting (June 2009) it was decided I could move ahead and find out prices of a plaque to be put  on a field stone to mark the soldiers’ graves, adding two of my family names (and those two names I would pay for). I talked with Dunns in Ellsworth and they suggested and will make up a drawing for a soldier’s stone as well.  They feel it would cost less. I think they are also connected to the Richardsons as indeed, many of us are, here on MDI..


 The SAR (Sons of the American Revolution Society) had already marked Thomas’ grave. When I first found the cemetery there were bushes and alders to the left back, where today evergreen trees are growing. It was suggested to me that maybe the earliest graves were under those bushes.


This cemetery has lost its standing stones, possibly due to frost action over the years.  The older section is on the left side of road, part way up in an open field, before the last house down near the shore. My Galley, etc. family is on the small knoll to the left and all the stones are down again. The next to last house sets way back behind the cemetery, near the shore and belongs to Ned and Elaine Lawson.  The Richardson Family –  an excerpt taken from Eben Hamor’s records, to be found in Bar Harbor Public Library tells where Thomas and Stephen Richardson are buried.  I quote from the last page, third paragraph from the beginning text “… Stephen however appears never to have joined any religious body, and according to the statements of persons still living, finally died on Beech Hill, in 1812, at the resident of his eldest son, his remains being taken back to Bass Harbor for internment beside his wife.  Near by, a depression in the sod marks the final resting place of Thomas, but the date of his death is not known……”


The remains of the Richardson home now provide a foundation for a newer home on Crockett’s Point.

.            Today the following is known.


            RICHARDSON, STEPHEN B. 23 OCT 1738   On voyage to America

                                         D.     JULY 1812   Tremont ME

                                         M. 19 MAR 1762 Elizabeth (GOTT)

                                                At Gloucester MA

                                               Bpt. 9 MAR 1735 Gloucester MA

                                               D. 15 JUN 1808 Tremont ME

                                          Both buried at Crockett Point Cemetery                        .                          Bass Harbor, Tremont Maine                       


            RICHARDSON, THOMAS B. 26 OCT 1739 Gloucester Mass:

                                        D. 17 FEB 1813 Tremont ME                                                        M.  23 NOV 18626 Margaret (GOTT)

                                               At Gloucester MA

                                               B. 26 SEP 1743 Gloucester MA

                                               D. 28 SEP 1803 Tremont ME                                                   Both buried at Crockett Point Cemetery

                                                Bass Harbor Tremont ME           


Sources:  Old Hancock county Families (Pierce), Gloucester MA vitals, MDI Vitals, MDI             Church Records, Family Records, Hamor Records. David Swett, Richardson            Family manuscript – Ellsworth Public library – Generation II           






Crockett Point Cemetery  Bass Harbor Maine


Copied from stones in 2003 and earlier.


            John Galley  d. OCT. 28 1850  AE 67  (So b. c. 1783)

            Hannah, wife of John Galley  d. SEPT. 10, 1844  ae 49 yrs 4 months

            (So born c. 10 MAY 1795)


Clyde W., son of James H. and Georgia D. Albee, d. OCT. 17, 1899  ae 6 mos.

            (no stones for James or Georgia)

Charles Butler  d. JULY 4, 1896  ae 77 years  Captain

Amy, wife of Capt. Charles Butler, d. April 7, 1901  ae 79 years


George B. Galley, drowned SEPT. 8, 1850 ae 33 years 10 mos.

            (husband of Emma – sometimes called Amy, above)

Sadie, dau. Of Fred D. and Belle Galley d. AUG 15 1898  ae 2mos.

     (In wedding intentions, Belle is called Aribell .  Fred and Belle buried in Marsh Road

     Cemetery, Tremont ME)


Minnie R., dau. Of  W.F. And O. S. Galley d. 1871 ae 10 mos

                        (not on stone: d. MARCH 17, 1871   ae 10 mos. 8 days)


Sylvester, son of George B. and Emma Galley d. JULY 3, 1847  ae 8 yrs.


Mary, dau. Of Wm. And Abigail Alby /Albee d. FEB 14, 1845  ae 18

            (no stone for Wm or Abigail)


Infant Galley, son of W.F. And O.S. Galley  d. AUG. 15, 1898 ae 2 mos.

Infant son of W.F. and O.S. Galley d. Dec 7 1868 ae 8 d

Emily, dau. Of George Galley and Hannah  d. ?? at 8 yrs.


George W. Alby/Albee S/O William and Abigail Galley d. 10 NOV 1847 ae 16 y

                        (NO STONE FOR William and Abigail)


Galley Family      Crockett Point Cemetery



Newer graves have been added – I’m told Ashes only – at the top of the knoll. The stones are on a bed of crushed rock. I was also told by Elaine Lawson that there used to be a small white fence around a baby’s grave – this is Sadie.  She also said a man surname of Romer, with no stone is buried there.  Also a man who fell from a barn and died is also buried there.  He had come in on a ship and no one knew his name. She felt there must have been other burials, especially of children.