Newsletters from the Desk of John MacDuffie

Fall 2001
Ralph's Page,Mount Desert's Forgotten Village,The Blacksmith Shop,Center Celebrates Columbus Day
Fall 2002
Ralph's Page,History of the Country Store,Completion of the Country Store Renovation
Fall 2003
Ralph's Page,2003 Annual Meeting,Ruth Moore Birthday Party
Fall 2007
"Let's Ask Ralph",President's Page,"Excursion to the Island", A Bio of Ruth Moore,Life on the Schooner "Mabel",Samuel Brackett
Fall 2008
"Lets Ask Ralph",President's Page,"The Search for Esther 2",Samuel Bracket #3
Fall 2010
"Chummy Rich", Capt. Fred's Witness",Restoration of the Kellam Dory
Fall 2011
Richardson Memorial,Fiddle Making with Ralph,St. Columba's Chapel
Spring 2003
Joseph Dana Phillips, Ezra Norwood Lost,Ebenezer Eaton
Spring 2004
Dorothea Dix,Parson Eaton,School Days in Bernard
Spring 2006
"Rich and Grindle,Boatbuilders", Parson Eaton,"A Notable Occasion"
Spring 2007
Parson Eaton,Harold Beal on the War,Brackett #1
Spring 2009
Thurston's Wharf,Daniel Cough,Schoolhouse of "Excursion to the Island",Norumbega
Spring 2010
Steamship  Company,Harvey Kelley,"A Wasp in our Midst"
Spring 2011
President's Page,Ralph's Page,"A Little Dredging Story"
Spring 2014
Art Kellam  The Steersman,The Bark of Bark Beach, Farewell to Mary Jones
Summer 2005
Baldwin's Corner,The House Ruth and Eleanor Built'
Summer 2007
Mount desert Beginnings..Ralph Stanley,Excerpts from Hauling By Hand",Brackett #2
Summer 2008
Esther II..The Beginning,"The House Eleanor and Ruth Built" Part 2
Summer 2012
Stephen Richardson,FiddleMaking,Kellam's "The Steersman"
Summer 2014 August Trip to Placentia--Announcing the Blanchette Collection
Memories of the Goslin,Fishhawk
Winter 2008
Malcolm MacDuffie Remembers,Ruth Moore
Winter 2010
Tryhouse Point,Cap'n Fred's Witness,Kellam Dory
Winter 2012
Richardson Memorial,Fiddlemaking,St. Columba's Chapel Gotts Island
Winter 2013
Watson Photos,"The Steersman",Boy's Cruise
Winter 2014
Peapods and Skiffs..Reminiscences of The Mohawk
Winter 2015
Ruth Moore's Pod,CoastGuard Pod
Winter 2019
Benson Homestead, Freeman Gott

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